Cool Dingo Hotel 3 Day / 2 Nights Tour

Cool Dingo Hotel 3 Day / 2 Nights Tour ex-Rainbow Beach


Get ready for some laughs and pack a sense of adventure and as you embark on three action-packed days on the world's largest sand island. This 3 Day 2 Night tour will have you settled into 4-star resort hotel accommodation at the award winning Kingfisher Bay Resort as you discover Fraser Island's most iconic spots - fresh water Eli Creek, the golden Hammerstone Sandblow, beautiful Lake McKenzie, the historical Central Station and the ghostly Wanggoolba Creek... and if time allows our guides might show you some of their own favourite spots!

Foreign Language Guides are now available on our Cool Dingo Tours. Please ask when booking or talk to your tour guide.

Foreign Language Guides are now available on our Cool Dingo Tours. Please ask when booking or talk to your tour guide.

  • Price: $615 triple or $655 twin/double
  • 3 days of guided 4WD bus tours.
  • 2 nights accommodation.
    • 1 queen and 1 king single bed.
    • Private ensuite bathroom.
    • Large private deck.
    • Air-conditioning.
    • Flat screen TV.
  • 2 buffet breakfasts at the Maheno Restaurant.
  • 3 lunches on tour.
  • 2 x $20 dinner vouchers per person - use these vouchers toward dinner at either Maheno or Seabelle Restaurants or you can head up to the Dingo Bar and join your new tour mates for a buffet dinner!
  • Return ferry transfers.
  • Pick up & drop of from your local accommodation.
  • National Park Permit Levy and Fees included.
  • Depart Fraser Island on the 5pm ferry to Hervey Bay or travel to Rainbow Beach.

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Extra meals, great price, great savings.

Slow down your hectic pace and head over to Fraser the day before your 4WD tour starts. That means less unpacking and repacking your gear, we'll organise the extra meals... and you can enjoy a sleep in or explore more!

Or stay an extra day after your tour to relax with new mates before you hit the road again.

  • Price: $91 triple or $121 twin/double
  • 1 extra nights accommodation.
  • 1 extra buffet breakfast in the Maheno restaurant.


The party doesn’t stop in Rainbow Beach and it continues on Fraser Island with our Cool Dingo Guides… check us out on Trip Advisor and see what other travellers have to say about our cool tours and awesome guides.

Our khaki-clad Ranger-guides are ready to show off the world's largest sand island... we'll travel along golden beaches; swim in secluded dune lakes; walk through centuries-old sub-tropical rainforest to streams that flow silently into the undergrowth.  But to top it all off, visit the Dingo bar at the end of the day to chin-wag and relax with your new found mates.

Pick-ups from 7.30am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
You will be picked up from your hostel in Rainbow Beach at 7.30am and transferred to Inskip Point to meet the Fraser barge on your first day. Once on the world's largest sand island, we'll cruise up the eastern beach to Eurong Beach Resort and then meet up with the rest of your tour group and guide who arrived from Hervey Bay.

Tour tip
When you arrive via Rainbow Beach you'll need to have a day-pack ready to go with your swimmers, towel, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent, comfortable walking shoes or sandals, essential medication and of course a camera in your day bag! Want a sneak peak of what you can expect? Check us out on Facebook!

What you'll see
Cool Dingo guides are experts at reading tides and conditions which means YOU get the most out of your time on the island. PLUS they're locals… so they know all the best spots! You’ll be wowed by their endless knowledge of the island, its history, fauna and flora but feel free to ask them any burning questions you have. The guides keep an eye out for dingoes, migrating Humpback Whales on the eastern beach and other interesting wildlife and are happy to stop for pics when they spot stuff!

We promise your Cool Dingo guide stays with you for the duration of the tour and guarantees cool times or the dingo eats his hat!

It’s all about the coolest, sub-tropical inland sights of Fraser today.

  • Basin Lake - A quaint little black perched dune lake is stop number one. Keep an eye out for the resident freshwater turtles!
  • Wanggoolba Creek - Shhhhhhhh... Take a walk along the banks of this silent flowing creek with lush and vibrant green rainforest and rare king ferns... it's astounding!
  • Pile Valley – On this forest walk you’ll get up close and personal with the world famous giant satinay trees... it's remarkable that these giants grow in nothing but sand!
  • Central Station - nope, no trains or whistles here… just ancient rainforest and the remainders of a once bustling logging camp. There is plenty of information and displays around where you can learn all about the history – or let your guide fill you in.
  • Lake McKenzie - The perfect way to end a day with a sunbake on Lake McKenzie’s white sandy beaches and dip in the crystal clear waters.

Meal Included Includes picnic lunch and a dinner voucher.

It’s an early rise-and-shine call today as we journey through the centre of the island and out on to the famous Seventy-Five Mile Beach!

  • Elia Creek - Take a refreshing dip in Fraser’s fastest-flowing freshwater creek – walk, paddle, swim or tube… it’s your call!
  • The Pinnacles Coloured Sands - With over seventy different shades of red, cream and ochre in one cliff, this is a great photo stop.
  • Maheno Shipwreck - An out-of-season cyclone lodged this girl in the sand in 1935 and now, this wreck is one of Fraser Island's coolest pic ops.
  • Indian Head - From the top of this rocky headland you’ll have awesome 360 degree views of the island and the Coral Sea... keep your eyes peeled for giant sea turtles, sharks, rays and migrating humpback whales (Jul - Nov).
  • Champagne Pools - End the day with a relax in Mother Nature’s very own Jacuzzi, an ocean rock pool so calming, you won't want to leave.
  • During the day Air Fraser offers spectacular scenic flights over the island (extra cost applies to participate). Make sure you get a photo as the plane takes off on sand otherwise your friends may not believe it!

Meal Included Includes buffet breakfast, picnic lunch and a dinner voucher.

Today, we’ll knock back the pace and pay a visit to a few of Fraser Island's lesser frequented destinations. This is our last day on island so don't forget to pack your bags – if you’re heading back to Rainbow Beach, you’ll need to take them with you. Otherwise, you can leave your bags in the luggage room at Kingfisher Bay Resort and they will be sent back to Hervey Bay to meet you at the end of your touring day.

  • Lake Wabby - walk through rainforest to the stunning emerald-green Wabby, once a creek that has been dammed by the massive Hammerstone Sandblow - and is now an awesome swimming hole.
  • Hammerstone Sandblow - You’ll trek over Fraser's vast, desert-like sand blow to get to Lake Wabby from the eastern beach. Don’t forget to turn around to snap some amazing pics over the sand blow to the ocean.
  • Eurong Beach Resort - An all-you-can-eat buffet is on offer for lunch... the perfect thing after a hike!
  • Lake Birrabeen - Is Lake McKenzie’s big sister. The lake will charm you, with its spring clear waters and bedazzling white beaches... you won't be able to resist a dip and a turn on our FREE stand-up paddle boards. What a great way to finish your tour!

Meal Included Includes buffet breakfast and lunch.

After a quick comfort stop at Eurong Beach Resort; if you are heading back to Rainbow Beach, you will join the transfer bus to head back down the beach. If you wish, you can depart to Hervey Bay on the 5pm ferry from Kingfisher Bay Resort which puts you back in Hervey Bay at 6.30pm (perfect timing to catch the bus onwards to Airlie Beach). No matter which way you decide to leave the island, just let us know when you are making your booking.

Please note - touring order and itinerary may vary due to tides, seasons and weather conditions but our guides are super experienced at handling the conditions and helping you get the most out of your time on Fraser!

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